Beginner's Guide

What are CD-Keys?

A CD key is a unique serial number or product code and is represented by a group of numbers or letters that identifies a digital product such as video games or other types of software.  Typically a CD-Key is found on a sticker inside the game case or on the CD itself. The CD-Key is used to register, download, or activate a video game. Digital products that require a CD-KEY will not work until a valid number is entered.

Are CD-Keys legal?

Purchasing CD Keys is legal as in most cases the keys come directly from the game publishers and are downloaded using their own software.  CD keys are official game codes purchased from the publishers or authorized resellers such as EA Origin, Steam,, NCSoft, Ubisoft, or GOG.  The publishers then in turn use the sales proceeds to pay the game developers.

Why are CD-Keys so cheap?

Because the online vendor does not have to import a physical unit which decreases the handling fees and eliminates the shipping cost and import duties. The fact that the vendors only provide digital distribution of video games allows them to save most transfer fees such as shipping and customs and pass the savings directly to the consumer. Also with no need for a physical retail location a substantial reduction in overhead costs can be achieved thus making the sales process faster, more efficient, and less costly.

Where do CD-Keys come from?

In most cases the products are purchased in bulk from distributors in parts of the world where the games cost less due to different economic factors of each supplier country, such as lower income levels and lower costs of living. These cost reductions are then passed on to the consumer ensuring the most competitive pricing possible.

How Do I receive the game key code?

After you have successfully complete your payment, it will be processed and once verified, an email with the game code and instructions will be dispatched to the email address attached to the payment method provided upon purchase.

How long does it take for my game code to arrive?

In the majority of cases the game codes will be emailed to you instantly upon successful completion of the payment.  In certain cases such as a newly registered account, there may be a brief verification period which causes a short delay of the code arrival of 30 minutes to 2 hours. This delay can be easily avoided by registering your account in advance.

How many times can a CD-Key be used?

A CD-Key can only be used once, however once activated and bound to your account it can be downloaded as many times as you wish.  The game never disappears and will always be available to download unlimited times.


Will the game codes work in any country or region?

No, publishers are subjected to a policy regulating the import / export of the games. The codes are sometimes subject to a national restriction, but this is not always the case. This information is visible on the page of each game before purchase. You may learn more in our video game regions guide.

Why buy US prepaid gaming cards?

Certain regions throughout the world do not support the same content available on the US markets. If you live in a country where your favorite game is not available, then a prepaid game card is the best option for you. With prepaid game cards you will gain full access to the USA markets for all of the best gaming content. They also make great gifts.

There is a wide variety of gaming gift cards and prepaid codes to keep gamers happy, and their digital wallets loaded

  • Itunes Game Cards
  • PSN (Play Station) Game Cards
  • Google Play Game Cards
  • Steam Game Cards
  • Nintendo Game Cards
  • Blizzard Game Cards
  • Karma Koin Game Cards
  • Riot Point Game Cards
  • Xbox Game Cards
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Minecraft Game Cards

What are the pros of CD keys?

  • Low price – you will pay much less than buying physical product.
  • Availability – you can purchase any game at any time and have it almost instantly.
  • Lifetime – you can’t lose a digital game, it will always be available for download in your account.
  • Durability – digital games don’t break or scratch like a disc could.
  • Faster Speed –Games are loaded much faster from your hard drive then from a disc.

Are there any disadvantages of CD keys?

  • No box – For those gamers who like to collect video game box sets.

What is a Primary account?

  • Full ownership of the game
  • Does not require internet connection to play games in the account
  • Any account registered to this console can play the game without restrictions

What is a secondary account?

  • Only the assigned account can play the game on the console. Other users will be restricted.
  • Must have internet connection to play the game